Twitter Suits Up to Make it Look Like Facebook

twitter looking like facebookSome avid Twitter users are quite on a “confused” state as of late. This is because they are seeing a new Twitter web design that is a “knock off” of Facebook’s ubiquitous look – with a banner cover to boot. Despite the fact that it’s still on beta version for some users, those who observed are quite smirking on this clear mimicry of  Mark Zuckerberg’s second most popular website in world. 

Based on the Mashable report, the brand-new Twitter profile webpage has the bio and profile picture positioned well to the left side of the web page and dedicates a bunch of room for the header picture to appear highlighted better in its new design.

The layout, which Mashable recommended, just has an effect on Twitter if you use it on desktop computers. Likewise, the new design appears to make tweets a lot bigger. Ultimately, this is plainly planned to make it much easier for individuals to absorb tweets, and maybe to bring in customers which are more inclined on Facebook’s clean, white and blue web design.

While the adjustment isn’t really extensive yet, it’s apparent that it’s something the social network would certainly be taking into consideration as a means to round up brand-new customers, and to keep satisfying the tastes of existing ones. In the meanwhile, various other news outfits, like The Wire and Business Insider have additionally stated in person the discoveries of the redesign.

In its first-ever quarterly incomes record recently, Twitter stated that although it had actually made its first-ever quarterly revenue– not counting being able to shell out hundreds of millions of bucks for a stock-based settlement– it likewise had decreasing trend in attracting new users. Commercial worries concerning that slowing down fad caused Twitter’s stock dropping in the results of their newest earnings record.

In its teleconference with experts, Twitter top administrators firmly insisted that they know that their present user experience is hard for any new customers to appreciate, which they are strongly looking into presenting new attributes over the following year meant to boost appreciation in using the microblogging site. On top of that, the business set up a post last September stating it does try out any new attributes every now and then. This redesign might well be proof of such initiatives.

As of press time, Twitter chose to comment about this story yet.

Flappy Bird Creator Tapping Out of the App Stores

In the heat of its viral status online, the massively popular game Flappy Bird will probably sing its swan song next week. The developer of Flappy Bird has decided to remove the popular game from both the Apple App and Google Play list of games to download.

flappy birdCustomers that have actually already set up the game will certainly be able to keep playing it, however it is not feasible for new individuals to download the game, which was at the leading of the free apps for both Apple iOS and Android phones before being completely eliminated.

Dong Nguyen, the game’s developer, on Saturday tweeted that he would get rid of Flappy Bird from the app shops, merely a couple of days after mentioning to a media interview that Flappy Bird was making about $50,000 a day usually from advertisements.

"I merely could not keep it any longer," Nguyen shared in among his tweets. Probably he couldn’t keep up with the intensity of the responses to his game. When you’re popular these days, you need to keep up with the demands of all the users – how pesky and annoying they may turn out to be. This constant nagging on all sides might have stressed out Nguyen that he decides to throw in the towel because he is not prepared for this viral scenario.

In addition, Nguyen stated he has not marketed the game nor did he eliminate it for legal factors. It is not clear yet why he chose to take it down.

However, the independent developer said he will certainly proceed to make additional games.Hopefully, during that time, Nguyen shall be able to prepare for the viral response to his games and not be too overwhelmed with all the attention he is enjoying right now.

Two of the current top games in the Apple App Store are likewise made by him. They are Super Ball Juggling, which is sitting as the No. 4 leading game, and Shuriken Block, the 15th most widely used game.

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